Congratulations to the winning charities of NRG Gives!

Your NRG Gives vote helps energize a unique community-outreach program that has donated $639,500 to 23 deserving nonprofits across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This fall, NRG had $65,000 in donations to give out and three deserving non-profit organizations campaigned to earn votes that determined their donation amount.

About NRG Gives

The NRG Gives program, established in 2016, has donated $639,500 to 23 diverse nonprofits in the tri-state area through fall 2019. In addition, NRG supports local communities through our Choose to Give program, volunteerism, and other charitable giving. In 2018 alone, employees who are based in New Jersey and Pennsylvania spent 2,554 hours volunteering across these states.

Camp Fatima of New Jersey

Camp Fatima was founded in 1968 to provide a much-needed summer camp program for children and adults with special needs. Our goal is to offer a summer camp experience of swimming, arts and crafts, fishing and everything else that a summer camp conjures up. It runs 2 weeks out of the year taking in at least 60 campers per week. Each camper is assigned a 1 on 1 counselor with them 24/7. Our summer camp takes in children ages 6-21. After 21, we offer 4 weekend programs for adults throughout the year.

Many of our volunteers have been volunteering there for decades and come from all walks of life. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for children that other camps are not able to accommodate for. We are prepared for most disabilities short of life support. A secondary benefit is to provide a respite for their day to day caregivers. Camp Fatima is non-sectarian and run exclusively on word of mouth donations. No camper or their families have ever been charged to attend the program.

Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation

The Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation is focused on supporting research of effective treatment methods and ultimately a cure for melanoma – the 5th most common cancer in the United States. Tara Miller founded TMMF in 2014, after being diagnosed with melanoma at age 28, and after being personally impacted by the lack of treatment options. She wanted to change the odds for patients that followed her. Tara lost her battle in October of 2014, but not after the foundation raised $334,000 that year.

Since 2014, TMMF has funded over $3.4 Million to melanoma research with 100% of all money raised going directly to research (events, overhead and other costs are paid for by Tara’s family to ensure every dollar donated goes directly to research). In 2014, the 5 year survival rate for late stage melanoma patients was 20%. 5 years later, breakthrough research has yielded additional treatment options and increased the efficacy of existing treatment options, bringing the 5 year survival rate to 50%. Melanoma research has become even more impactful as treatments in melanoma (one of the hardest cancers to treat) have been extended to over 30 other cancers. Imagine what we can do in another 5 years.

Hopeworks Camden

Hopeworks Camden is a nonprofit that has been working for over 19 years with Camden youth. Utilizing an advanced training curriculum in website design/development, GIS and Salesforce, Hopeworks works with youth 17-26 to get back in school, earn permanent jobs, and achieve their dreams. Success for our young people also requires real world experience. To provide this experience, Hopeworks runs real businesses, providing technology solutions in web design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Salesforce administration that not only help businesses achieve their goals, but also train and employ youth into high demand, high wage careers.

Hopeworks is solving the problem of young people who other organizations deem “unemployable” – youth who have been failed by the educational and social systems, and who are left out of the growing economy. Our youth are often homeless, trafficked, or engaged with the justice system. Hopeworks, quite deliberately, does not filter or select youth for our program. If a young person wants to change their life, Hopeworks is ready for them. Hopeworks’ unique combination of technical training, real business experience, and trauma-informed coaching and academic counseling has led to extraordinary results, with over 88% of our youth associates earning high wage jobs at the end of their work experience with Hopeworks.

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